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We bring Deals to the Closing Table
Why Us? We have been in your shoes for over 25  years operating and managing varied businesses with the desire and knowledge  to always stay ahead of the competition. 


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Sell side Representation

Transaction Consultation

Moxie group = MOX advisors

M.O.X Advisors is a boutique firm specializing in the representation and negotiation of the sale of medium sized privately held businesses. Our strength in due diligence analysis coupled with very powerful presentations and national distribution lists allow us to get many leads and get to a smooth, successful closing.

Your Business is unique and we treat every client with the individual attention they / you deserve.

Plain and simple, we understand your business. We have been in your shoes for over 25  years operating and managing varied businesses with the desire and knowledge  to always stay ahead of the competition. Our mission is to assist other business owners or companies by leveraging our experience to achieve outstanding results.

Seller's Sales Process -

The Mox Difference


Strict Emphasis on                                   Confidentiality

Meeting of the Minds

The best way to maximize your payout & Understanding our Contract and Fee Structure  

Progress Reports​

Providing updates on how the sale of your business is progressing.

Business Valuation & Operational Analysis

MOX gets inside your kitchen before selling your food

We Make Sure you Train before the Big Race

The management presentation is one of the most important steps in the transaction process

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign​

Network of Buyers- Local, National & International Connections.

Like a Great Closer in Baseball, we Close Deals

At MOX we roll up our sleeves.Selling a company is not your day job, it is ours, so we work 24/7 to make the due diligence process as painless as possible for you to get to the closing table.

Moxie utilizes some of the latest technology on the market to keep our associates/brokers/partners in position to close more deals.

“With each new client engagement, there is an unwavering focus on its successful completion. Our creative strengths and collaborative team approach allows us to achieve our clients goals with speed and high probability”


                       & Integrity

At M.O.X Advisors, we value and appreciate the unique character strengths of our highly successful clients – their authenticity, initiative, ambition, and zest. Our clients benefit from our extensive market knowledge. We have established a reputation for maximizing value for our clients while fostering long-term relationships built on integrity, trust and service. 
We select our clients as carefully as we choose our friends, concentrating only on a limited number of engagements where we can add significant value. Our activity together may last only a few months, but often these relationships may extend over many years and transactions. These partnerships with our clients are based on an extraordinary level of commitment to achieving our client’s professional and personal goals. 
Our goal is simple to get your company the most exposure to only financially sound buyers, while adhering to the most stringent confidentiality policies. A marketing program will be designed for your company that will include advertising using online media, targeted media outlets, our own client database, Private Equity Groups, Strategic buyers and our local, national and international connections. All of our Teaser Ads are “blind” meaning there are no distinguishable characteristics identifying your company for confidentiality purposes. Moxie will create a comprehensive “Confidential Information Memorandum” for buyers that have met pre-established criteria and have signed a legal and binding non-disclosure agreement.

Ability and willingness to work world-wide

Success Stories & Business tombstones

Buyer Services

Acquisition Search

We will coordinate the process of targeting possible acquisition candidates including contacting and screening opportunities.



When required, we can assist clients with obtaining financing for their acquisitions.


Acquisition, Negotiation and Execution

Once we have identified an attractive and viable acquisition opportunity, we assist our clients in negotiating and structuring the acquisition and coordinating the activities of our clients’ legal, accounting and tax advisers.



We offer Business Evaluation Services to buyers: let us put our expertise and experience to work for you.  Avoid many of the missteps common to buying a business by utilizing our services.