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What's My Company Value?

 24 hour turnaround time

Let Us Do the Research.



 24 hour turnaround time

We are providing Buyers & Sellers with up-to-date rules of thumb and pricing information for almost all types of businesses.

Most pricing entries contain:

  • Rules of Thumb for Pricing Businesses based on both sales and earnings (SDE)

  • Pricing Tips from  Industry Experts

  • Benchmark information that provides comparison data

  • Industry Resources such as Associations and Publications with Web sites

  • General Information providing industry data, surveys, and comments

  • Fascinating facts about many different businesses and industries

Business Valuation


If you are not ready to sell yet , and want to  know the value of your business, we can analyze & evaluate your business and prepare a market valuation and pricing report.

We perform an in-depth analysis using relevant market data and apply proven valuation techniques to ensure accurate and defensible business valuation reports. We will considering everything from intellectual property and market conditions to your workforce and company structure.

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